Why Telizent?

Third-Party Service Offers Better Service at a Lower Cost

Going with Third Party Maintenance (TPM) may be considered a risk but it really is not.  There are values of third party maintenance that go beyond reducing cost.*

Some of the advantages of Telizent service over traditional Siemens OEM support include:

  • 20% -30% Reduction in Support Costs
  • More Value Per Support Dollar
  • Contracts Customized by System, Site and Business Need
  • Extend the Life of Legacy Systems; No Forced Migration
  • Single Point of Contact for Multi-Vendor Support
  • More Personalized and Responsive Service

Many  enterprises have selected Telizent to maintain their Siemens telecom systems for similar reasons:

  • Not wanting to be forced to upgrade
  • Wanting faster response times
  • Needing to cut operational costs to free up funds for strategic IT projects
  • Tired of the finger-pointing that occurs between the manufacturer and its distributors
  • Want more proactive monitoring and management
  • Complex environment needing customized solutions

Telizent is the leading third party maintenance provider for Siemens telecom systems.  With more responsive and flexible service then Siemens we guarantee that you will reduce your costs, increase system uptime and receive more proactive support then you thought possible.  (*Read Gary Audin’s full article on the advantages of TPM at No Jitter.)

Praise for Telizent

“Replacing Siemens with Telizent Maintenance Services was one of the best moves we have made during my tenure. We reduced our operating expenses and got much more responsive and flexible service.”

-Brian Brugger (Director of IT)



 ”As a result of our teaming up with Telizent Maintenance Services, we quickly deployed the latest quantum leap improvement of business infrastructure.”

-George Rentz (VP of Customer Care)




“Telizent Maintenance Services walks the talk!  The Intelligent Migration Road map that they created was a cost effective plan to both retain our investment and implement campus wide VoIP communications.”

-Patti Barcroft (Director of IT)





“We really do get more for less with Telizent Maintenance Services.  Their ongoing support includes daily polling of our phone system to proactively identify any service-affecting issues as well as an automatically updated Customer Book which helps us manage our current system and configuration”

-Ford Motor Credit