Intelligent Migration

Maximize your current PBX Investment by deploying UC incrementally

With the promise of significant ROI, many UC providers push organizations to do a forklift upgrade of their entire legacy infrastructure without evaluating if this is the best solution. What’s missing is a roadmap to help intelligently guide organizations through the marketing hype and provide a strategy for deploying the right technology, at the right time, for the right business reasons.

Maximizing your investment in legacy PBX/IP-PBX systems while incrementally deploying UC throughout your organization is a process we refer to as Intelligent Migration.  We believe companies should view UC as a way of quickly adding value for certain user groups within the organization, not as a requirement for wholesale replacement of their legacy PBX infrastructure.  As the UC deployment proves itself, planners will be better able to determine the optimal pace and scale of displacement.


Utilizing Microsoft Lync, Telizent has developed flexible solutions for incrementally deploying UC, adding the next generation of UC capabilities to legacy Siemens, Avaya and Nortel PBX/IP-PBX Systems.  Whether you have migrated to Lync or are in the early stages of exploring its capabilities we can help.  Call (866) 536-7305 to learn more and to explore how Lync can give your organization a distinct competitive advantage.

Visitor Link UC Services Telizent Communications Uncommon SolutionsFor those organizations that want to reduce their costs or can’t afford a full-time receptionist VisitorLink is the answer. Utilizing Microsoft Lync, VisitorLink enables you to welcome, identify and connect your visitors to the right person in your organization for a fraction of the cost of a receptionist. VisitorLink delivers a personal welcoming experience to visitors by connecting them to the right people and resources in your company.

                     Watch the video to learn more!



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