Siemens Simplified: Xpressions Connection Problems

Monday March 5th, 2012

Q: I am unable to gain local and remote access to my Xpressions server what is going on and how do you fix it?

A: There are a couple situations that could cause this problem. To begin troubleshooting,  you need to dial into the phone line used for pcAnywhere access to Xpressions and note whether:

1. You’re getting ring and no answer, or

2. You’re  seeing a connection with no headers and no data transmission.

If you find that the modem on the server is ring no answer, verify that the telephone line and modem are working correctly. To check out the phone line, unplug the line from the modem and connect the line into an analog telephone set. Listen for dial tone and call a cell phone to confirm that the line is working correctly; look at the Caller ID on the cell phone to make sure you are using the correct phone number to call the modem. If the line is OK, plug the phone line back into the modem and call the number from your cell phone. Listen to the call to see if the modem answers. Standing where the modem is located allows you to hear the modem answer and see the LEDs on the from change as the call is answered:

If you’ve verified that the line and modem are both working properly and you still cannot connect to the Xpressions server, it’s likely that there is an issue with the pcAnywhere program on the Xpressions server or the Xpressions application software isn’t communicating with pcAnywhere. From here you need to contact Telizent Communications and open a service request for further assistance.

Please feel free to give us a call for more details at (866) 536-7305.

Siemens Simplified Tech Tips are provided for educational purposes only. Telizent Communications will not be liable for any errors or inaccuracies, or any actions taken in reliance thereon. Telizent Communications expressly disclaims all warranties – expressed or implied – as to the accuracy of any of the content provided, or as to the fitness of this information for any purpose.  If you are not trained on the systems you are administering or are not comfortable performing the steps described in the Siemens Simplified Tech Tips you should contact Telizent for trained technical support.


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