Siemens Simplified: Rolm 9751 Stopping CNFG Backup From Running

Monday April 30th, 2012


Q: After completing software MAC changes in my Siemens (Rolm) 9751, I started a configuration backup and went home. The next day I accessed the system to make software MAC changes and could not access the `CNFG’ screens; I received a status message indicating `CNFG backup is still running’. How do I stop this backup as it is preventing me from making further CNFG changes?


  • Visually verify there is no activity on the PBX system’s floppy drive for at least 5 minutes. This is the floppy drive you insert the floppy diskette media into for backups. There is a LED indicator on the front face of the floppy drive which will illuminate when it is active. Make sure it does not illuminate for at least 5 minutes
  • Using the service terminal you utilize for communicating with the PBX; enter `status fs all’ at the service command prompt, the % sign. Enter this command once a minute for a five minute period. Verify there are no new backup activity notices listed during this five minute period; line information similar to `copying file(s) to hard drive’, `copying file(s) to floppy drive’ should not appear. If you see no new entries, proceed to step three below. If you see new entries during this five minute period, you should contact Telizent for trained technical support.
  • If you do not see any backup activity notices during your monitor activity in step 2; enter `Restart Major’ at the service command prompt (the % sign) using the service terminal you utilize for communicating with the PBX. This command will not disconnect any calls that are in `progress’, callers connected to each other. Calls that are `in process’, dialed calls not connected, will be terminated and the call will need to be redialed.
  • After Step 3 above, `Restart Major’, is executed you need to verify access to the `CNFG’ screens. Using the service terminal you utilize for communicating with the PBX, type `CNFG’ at the service command prompt, the % sign. You should not see the `CNFG backup is still running’ message you saw before and should see the `COMMAND:’ prompt.

Feel free to give us a call for more details or support at (866) 536-7305.

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