Siemens Simplified: Optiset 500 Preview Key

Monday February 27th, 2012

Q: We have a Siemens Hicom 300 (9006) system and I have an Optipoint 500 multi-line phone and I want to see who is calling me on another line while I am on the phone. Is there a way to get caller id while on the phone?

A: You can program a preview key on the phone which will allow them to press the key then the ringing line to get caller id of the caller and not interupt the call they are on.

Q: Can you please explain the preview key, its functions, and which phones allow for this feature?

A: The Preview Key is available on the Optiset E, OptiPoint 500, and ROLMphone telephones.  To preview a ringing line on the phone, you must have the Preview key configured on the Optiset E, Optipoint500, or ROLM phone.  Press the Preview Key and the LED will flash.  Now that you are in the Preview mode, press any number of line keys that are programmed on the phone, and as many times as it is needed.  The display information will change with the information of each line key that is previewed.  You can initiate the Preview Key while idle or when you’re actively talking on the phone.

There are several different ways to deactivate the Preview Key: Press any key other than a line key (including the Preview Key), go off-hook while the phone is idle, or go on-hook to terminate the call or to go hands-free.

When in Preview mode, the display will provide you with the following information: Calling party identification, held party identification, call redirection, camp on, DNIS, ANI, ID, and EPNP

Also, it must be noted that if in Mailbox or Phonemail mode, the preview key is ignored, and unfortunately, a bridged call is not allowed while in preview mode.

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  1. I’ve tried using the preview key, and I’ve figured out at there are a couple buttons that don’t deactivate it. Do you have a full list of buttons that don’t deactivate the preview key on the Optiset E or Optipoint 500?

    • admin says:

      On the Optiset 500, the following keys do not deactivate the preview mode: Mute, volume up and down, dialing keypad (0-9. * and #), and the time key. Everything else should deactivate preview mode. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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