Siemens Simplified: PhoneMail Message Playback Issues

Monday June 25th, 2012

Q:  We have been having problems with our Siemens PhoneMail system; message play back issues, partial greeting play-back, etc.

Our service technician has informed us that he needs to down the PhoneMail system and perform what he called `fixup utilities’. Our technician also informed us that if the `fixup utilities’ do not correct our PhoneMail problem we may need to reload PhoneMail.

I am the system administrator for our Siemens PhoneMail system and if we need to reload PhoneMail, I want to make sure we have the necessary software needed for the system reload before the technician comes on-site. I have a recent database backup which is about a month old. Is that all I need?

A:  No system software is needed to run the `fixup utilities’. If your problem persists, and your technician determines a reload is necessary; you will need to locate the following:

  • The complete set of PhoneMail System software for your current software release. This will be on floppy diskettes.
  • The complete set of PhoneMail System Prompt software for your current software release. This will be on floppy diskettes.
  • The System Info floppy diskette, unique to your site.
  • The Options floppy diskette, unique to your site.
  • As current as possible `database backup’ floppy diskette(s).
  • As current as possible `Names’ backup floppy diskette.

From your question, it looks like you may not have a current backup of the `Names’ file for your system.  So you will have the most current backup available I would suggest you have the service technician make a `database backup’ before he reloads the Phonemail system to perform the `fixup utilities’ (the`Names’ file for individual users is the voice recording a caller hears when a caller is forwarded to PhoneMail from the user’s telephone).

If you prefer you can complete a `Names’ file backup before the technician comes to your site. The process to back-up the `Names’ file is very similar to the procedure you have used to back-up the database. One important difference is that PhoneMail must be in a `down state’ when making a back-up of the `Name’ file, so you will need to schedule a time for PhoneMail to be down.

To perform the `Names’ file backup you will access the PhoneMail system with your `System Administrator’ logon and password; at the `Function’ prompts you will do the following:

  • Down PhoneMail by entering DeactivatePM at the Function prompt.
  • When PhoneMail is down you will enter BackupNames at the Function prompt and then follow the directions from PhoneMail to make a floppy backup.
  • When the backup is complete, bring PhoneMail back on line by entering ActivatePM at the Function prompt.

Please feel free to give us a call with any questions at (866) 536-7305.

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