Extend the life of your Siemens phone system(s) with Telizent’s flexible maintenance and monitoring services and gain control of your entire voice and data network infrastructure.

National Siemens PBX Maintenance: For organizations that want to outsource the maintenance of their Siemens PBX systems Telizent has comprehensive and highly flexible support options at a 20%-30% savings over Siemens OEM support.  Outsourced full-service maintenance coverage is the best way to extend the life or your Siemens telecom investment and includes the full suite of Telizent’s Siemens managed services.

Proactive Siemens Monitoring: Taking a proactive approach to your health means scheduling checkups with a doctor to identify developing issues before they adversely affect your health.  Similarly to keep your Siemens systems running at peak performance continuous monitoring is necessary. AlarmSyncTM monitors all Siemens CBX 9751® (“9005”), Hicom® (“9006”), HiPath® 3000, HiPath® 4000, PhoneMail® and Xpressions® products.

Enterprise Monitoring: AlarmSyncTM enables organizations to manage their entire Telecom and IT environment from a single pane of glass.  It is designed as both a hosted monitoring solution and as a way to connect an organizations existing monitoring and management systems.  As a hosted offering AlarmSync monitors a wide range of PBX systems, network devices, servers and applications displaying all alarms a unified alarm dashboard.

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