Enterprise Monitoring and Management From a Single Pane of Glass

With Telizent Maintenance Service’s revolutionary AlarmSyncTM product, organizations finally have a solution for managing their entire Telecom and IT environment from a single pane of glass. Offered as a cloud-based service,  AlarmSyncTM provides IT Departments and Service Providers with unified visibility of most any type of alarm.

Whether you are looking for an all in one hosted monitoring solution or need a way to seamlessly connect your organization’s existing monitoring and management systems,  AlarmSyncTMhas two service offerings that can be used together or independently to meet your needs.

 Service Offerings

AlarmSync Hosted provides organizations with select access to a variety of hosted monitoring and management tools. These monitoring tools include PBX (Siemens, Avaya, Nortel and more), Network, VoIP, Server, Website and Application monitoring options. These tools can be used to fill in any holes that may exist in your current monitoring infrastructure or as an all in one SaaS solution.

AlarmSync Connect seamlessly interfaces with your existing monitoring and management systems using an AlarmSync Connector. As many organizations continue to grow through acquisition the number of monitoring and management systems they must use has also grown. AlarmSync solves this problem by providing a unified dashboard for managing an organizations entire Telecom and IT environment.

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  • AlarmDashboard: Unified Alarm List
  • OneTicket: Multiple Alarms on One Ticket
  • AlarmIQ: Alarm Definition & Resolution
  • Hosted Monitors: PBX, Network, VoIP, Server, Website and Application Monitoring
  • AlarmSync Connectors: Connect Existing Monitoring and Management Systems
  • Flexible Access: Desktop, Web and Mobile

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