We earn our clients’ loyalty on a daily basis by providing a responsive local presence, proactive customer service and industry expertise. You will probably be able to relate to one or more of our clients because of their diversity in size, industry and services.

Enterprise Clients

  CIBER, Inc. – Telizent entered into a 5-year teaming agreement in 2006 to expand CIBER’s ability to support large Federal and commercial telecom outsourcing contracts.  Our cornerstone engagement is a Federal Agency with a 40-site hybrid VoIP network spread across 35 states. Telizent performs proactive monitoring, maintenance and installation services with CIBER handling first level issues and client management.  System availability was 99.997% in 2008.
Comcast Cable – Since 2003 the largest broadband provider in North America has reduced its Siemens support costs and enjoyed nearly 100% uptime through Telizent’s proactive maintenance services. Telizent maintains various Comcast sites including Spotlight (ad sales) Rocky Mountain Division headquarters and numerous networked sites in Colorado and California.  Professional services engagements range from contact center design, platform migration planning and operating cost reductions.
  Time Warner Cable – National Division first hired Telizent in 2003 to maintain its legacy Siemens PBX/Call Center in Colorado. This was a prelude to developing a strategic customer service technology assessment and business unified 20+ call centers into a contact center. The project won several corporate-wide awards including “Best ROI Award” due to operational efficiencies, lower customer turnover and higher revenue per CSR.  Telizent lead a technology migration with an architecture that streamlined the integration of dozens of cable systems acquired through the Adelphia bankruptcy in 2006.  Monitor+ service was added in 2009 to supplement Avaya maintenance services.
  Gates Company – This automotive supplier has met huge cost reduction demands by selecting service supplies such as Telizent. Since 2002, Gates has relied on Telizent to maintain phone systems in key, rural and remote, manufacturing locations. Telizent’s maintenance and monitoring capabilities leverages Gates’ lean internal support team.
  Comcast Spotlight - The ad sales arm of the largest broadband provider in the nation is another example of a client that takes advantage of our maintenance, management and migration services. Telizent Maintenance Services maintains the PBX at Comcast Spotlights Rocky Mountain Division headquarters and has assessed needs and opportunities to improve communications between the HQ and numerous remote sales offices. The Telecom Assessment generated a Telecom Roadmap, including a migration plan that fixes problem areas while leveraging existing telecom assets.

Government Clients

  City of Lakewood, Colorado - Since our founding in 2002, the fourth largest city in Colorado has depended on Telizent to perform a broad range of services.  We provided full maintenance and “MAC” support for their ten-site hybrid VoIP and legacy Siemens PBX network. Our professional services group was engaged to guide the City’s IT management in selecting a new IP Telephony platform and assist with the successful migration to the new platform.
State of Colorado, Governor’s Office of IT-  When the State needed to find a solution for two VoIP/IP telephony migration needs, they called Telizent. First, the State needed a service provider that could support their legacy Avaya telecommunications infrastructure while they embarked on a large project to migrate from Avaya to Cisco VoIP. Next, they needed an advisor that could assist them with compatibility issues that arose during the migration. Telizent was there to meet the needs of the State of Colorado and we continue to support them today.
  US Military Agency - As the prime contractor, Emerald Resource successfully won the contract issued by a defense agency to replace their 1980s vintage Avaya telephone with a new Avaya system. Emerald Resource engaged Telizent to provide end-to-end installation services for a JITC secure IP-redundant Avaya S8710 implementation. Telizent continues to maintain the defense agency today.

Non-Profit Clients

Cherry Hills Community Church – A cost conscious and communications intensive non-profit organization engaged Telizent to perform an enterprise-wide Telecom Assessment. While retaining their existing infrastructure and systems, the Roadmap Telizent created addressed new bandwidth users and applications. The result was a more robust and supportable telecom platform without replacing existing equipment. We remain engaged as an on-demand telecom manager, enabling the church, and their associated school, to not require an on-site telecom specialist.
  Focus on the Family – Telizent created an integrated customer service strategy redesigning the constituent call flows from three separate groups within the organization to an integrated Siemens contact center using skills based routing with teleworking. Telizent also provided Focus on the Family with call center staffing and training services.
Compassion International – Their mission is to rescue children from poverty and they engaged Telizent to gain new sponsorship revenue within its (inbound) Constituent Care operations in Colorado Springs. Best practices were collaboratively developed to motivate existing sponsors to expand their sponsorships and to convert more prospective sponsors to monthly contributors. Creating empathy for the needs in countries of interest to the contributors was a key element, especially when a simple mosquito net in some countries dramatically increase the safety of a child’s entire family. Telizent lead the operational assessment, program development, training and reinforcement initiatives.  The end result was new and expanded sponsorships with the Constituent Care management team learning new processes for continuous improvement of service to existing and new sponsors.