Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have a choice among competing Siemens Authorized business partners from whom I may buy Maintenance?

Siemens Enterprise Communications has always maintained exclusive territories for enterprise system sales and delivery of maintenance services.  They directly serve certain geographic areas and assign other territories to exclusive distributors.

The largest “Top 100” global accounts benefit from a degree of cooperation between exclusive distributors and Siemens, but in most cases an enterprise with a regional or national footprint must coordinate services between Siemens Enterprise Communications, in its direct territories and one or more exclusive distributors, depending on the states involved.

In summary, the answer is “NO”. Your choice of authorized (by Siemens) maintenance service is limited by Siemens exclusive territory strategy.  Obtaining a single point of contact for a national footprint is not available for maintenance services from Siemens or its authorized distributors.

Q: Is Telizent an authorized Siemens Business Partner?

Proudly, No!  Telizent competes with Siemens Enterprise Communications and its remaining territory business partners for maintenance and support on Siemens platforms.   As a result, Telizent is not restrained by exclusive territory agreements.  The benefit to Telizent customers is a single point of contact for the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico.    Furthermore, Telizent is free to innovate and compete by delivering a superior value.

Q: What does “End of Life” of my platform mean relative to ongoing support?

The CBX 9751® (“9005”), Hicom® (“9006”), PhoneMail® and some HiPath® 3000 products are end of life. There are several stages of the “EOL” program but in essence this means no further software patches or version releases are being written. For example, service release 9005.6.4.84, was the final version for the 9751 platform. No “patches have been written in 15+ years. No expansions beyond current “wired-for” capacities are sold by Siemens for products at EOL.  Thus, acquiring new technology requires the purchase of a newer platform, such as the HiPath® 4000.

Q: Does Telizent stock replacement spares for my platform?

Yes.  Telizent and most of its Field Services Partners maintain replacement inventory.  The refurbished (cleaned, inspected and lab tested) market for CBX 9751®and later platforms remains quite plentiful with few exceptions, mostly associated with earlier HiPath 3000 products.  Telizent also stocks hard-to-find backup media used in most Hicom® and HiPath® products.  Telizent’s on-boarding process includes an equipment inventory and logistics plan to assure replacement parts are available faster than is available from Siemens.

Q: Does Telizent offer nationwide coverage?

Yes.  While AlarmSync™ Proactive Monitoring and Telizent’s centralized Network Operation Center in Denver minimize service-affecting failures and thus field dispatches, Telizent has a network of Field Services Partners throughout the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. The needs of each new customer are factored into each proposal.

Enterprise customers such as Ford Credit, Comcast and Time Warner Cable realized considerable savings with Telizent as a single point of contact (single portal and ticketing system). Prior to Telizent, these large enterprises had to coordinate maintenance through Siemens and several of its business partners across as many as 6 time zones, each with a different ticketing system, processes, protocols etc…

Q: Given the advantages of Proactive Monitoring, Locally Stocked Parts and Greater Responsiveness, does Telizent cost more than Siemens?

Telizent generally saves between 20% and 30% for similar coverage hours.

® HiPath, Hicom, PhoneMail, Xpressions, CBX 9751 are registered trademarks of Siemens AG