Who We Are

Better Quality Service at a Lower Cost than the Manufacturer 

Telizent Maintenance Services is a leading third-party maintenance and monitoring provider for Siemens telephone systems.  Since 2002, we have operated with the strong conviction that we can provide better quality service at a lower cost than the manufacturer.  Headquartered near Denver, CO, with service technicians located across the U.S., we provide a single point of contact for Siemens PBX maintenance, monitoring, repair, technical support and a wide range of managed services designed to protect and enhance your Siemens telecom investment.

We cover the entire range of Siemens PBX systems from HiPath and Hicom to the ROLM 9751 product line. With proactive monitoring and innovative support offerings we help to extend the life of Siemens systems while providing a map for migrating to the next generation of Unified Communication technologies. 



Our History

Telizent (originally 24-by-7 Service, Inc.) was incorporated shortly after Denver’s telecom bust of 2001.   As service providers, manufacturers, distributors and enterprises were forced to cut IT and telecom management staff the need to monitor, maintain and manage telecom networks remained and became even more important with the advent of newer VoIP and IP communication technologies.

Filling this identified “services gap” was what drove us to establish a company that was focused on customer service first and helped us to derive our original name, 24-by-7 Service, Inc., and our tag line, “Putting service back into telecom.”  With a focus on Siemens PBX maintenance and monitoring our goal was to create innovative and robust solutions for managing Siemens telecom networks.

In 2008 we renamed the company Telizent Communications, and changed our tag line to, “Optimizing Telecom Management.”  Our focus on service didn’t change but as we developed new technologies to help our customers get the maximum value out of their Siemens investments we saw a need to renew our focus and vision.  The word “Optimize” means to make as perfect, effective, or functional as possible.  We believe that each business is unique and so we strive to provide an optimal and tailored solution for each of our customers’ needs.

In 2012, Telizent Communications was acquired and re-branded “Telizent Maintenance Services”, the name under which Telizent still operates today.